Павел Каин. Из нашего архива.

Through the eyes of Pasha Kain, one of the players representing the Children's League of American Football in Thursday's Historic Friendship Bowl, life in Meadwill has been pretty much what he anticipated. Better yet, through developing friendship on the trip, he now has a home away from home in the Unated States.


Pasha Kain is the Russian's biggest player at 6-foot-1, 265 pounds. In fact, he will be the biggest player from either country in Thursday's Friendship Bowl

The frolickign children at the crowded Apple Valley pool, and the overpowering smell of chlorine, could be the sights and smells from anywhere in the country.
And for one brief mid-summer week, it could have been a pool anywhere in the world. In a symbol of unity that would make the United Nations and all its bickering and infighting blush, children were a living reflection of the dream of world peace.
There were many theories how the Russians would view Meadwille, but to see Meadwille the way they did, all you have to do is open your eyes.
"Family life here does not differ very much from Moscow", 14-year-old Pasha Kain said through interpreter Victor Kochergin. First he said lafi in Moscow is a bit busier, but then he understands that it is summer vacations here. Life in the summer in Moscow is a lot like this."
"I expected roughly what i have seen"
The biggest differences had little to do with ...

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