​"Moscow Patriots" Football team

Was established in 1999.

12 times national champions.

2004-2008 - Moscow Patriots took part in European League of Champions.

2009 - The Winner of the Eastern Europe Cup.
The team is the basis of the National Russian team.

We are looking for a coach, offensive coordinator, starting on season 2017.
We plan to participate in National Championship 2017.
Training practices start on January 15th, 2017.
We expect invited players and coach to arrive not later than February 1st 2017.
National Russian championship dates: May - September.
IFAF Champions League dates: April - July.
"Moscow Patriots" considers invitation of legionaries, which are going to be 3 americans/canadiens and 2 european players.

Benefits of working at "Moscow Patriots" as a coach:
- Selection of foreign players;
- Working with the best team in Russia (the basis for the National Team);
- Taking part as a coach of the National Team;
- Resultative season 2017 experience will lead to contract extension for following 2018-2020 seasons (for the National Team as well).

Following will be provided:
- Visa;
- Airplane ticket;
- Accommodations;
- Insurance;
- Free access to Gym;
- Public transportation pass;
- Salary upon discussion.

Head coach Skapishev Viktor
Mail : skapishev@hotmail.com

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